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BA, ISDN and SS7 deployment

  Taking David Lesher's advice, we checked with Fred Goldstein of BBN about 
  the issue of whether or not BA installed SS7 switches in order to provide 
  residential ISDN.  This was his reply.  jamie
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  Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 14:07:03 -0500
  From: Fred R. Goldstein <fgoldstein@BBN.COM>
  Subject: Re: Latest BA Bell Juice
  Bell Atlantic is taking extreme liberties with the truth if they
  attribute SS7 deployment to ISDN, residential or otherwise.
  SS7 is needed for revenue-generating CLASS features such as Caller ID and
  City Wide Centrex. 
  BA has t he  highest  Centrex penetration in the world.  Over 2M
  lines, many in DC (GSA).  They use SS7 for everything, including
  faster call completion.  They had SS7 way before NYNEX; I first
  noticed it when calling from my mother's place in NJ to a distant
  part of that LATA, around 1991, and the call went thru in under 1
  second.  NYNEX was a LOT slower!
  $32/month is a good rate, too.  Even with 2 EUCLs atop it.
  Fred R. Goldstein      fgoldstein@bbn.com  
  BBN Corp.              Cambridge MA  USA    +1 617 873 3850