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WUTC denies increase in US West ISDN rate (fwd)

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  Date: Mon, 08 Jan 96 16:42:50 -0800
  From: Glenn Blackmon <glenn@wutc.wa.gov>
  Subject: WUTC denies increase in US West ISDN rate
  The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission today decided
  not to consider a request by US West to increase and restructure its
  rates for ISDN service in Washington State.
  Intel Corporation and an internet trade group, Commercial Internet
  Exchange Association, had asked to intervene in US West's general rate
  case (Docket No. UT-950200), in which US West had made its ISDN rate
  proposals.  For unlimited service, US West proposed to increase the
  rate from $63 to $184 per month, a 200% increase.  Customers using 200
  hours of service per month would have paid $69.  Other parties in the
  case had testified that the existing $63 rate should be lowered.
  The effect of the commission's decision is that no change will be made
  in the current ISDN rate until US West files a new tariff for this 
  service and that tariff is considered by the commission.
  The commission has been taking public comment on the ISDN issue since
  Intel's petition was filed on Dec. 28.  The e-mail address for those 
  comments is isdn@wutc.wa.gov.
  A written order denying the ISDN rate increase will be posted on the
  WUTC's web site (URL listed below) as soon as it becomes available.
  Glenn Blackmon
  Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission