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Pac Bell, US West rate increases

  I just received and posted the details of the Pac Bell rate increase
  on http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/isdn/tariffs.html
  I've also posted articles by various people about what to do to
  protest the Pac Bell and US West increases.  Highlights of both increases
  are attached.
  These increases are clearly outrageous, and could well kill ISDN.
  Who can afford a local service which in one month can cost more
  than the fairly expensive ($175-$350) equipment needed to connect to it?
  Pac Bell's filing contains one very interesting sentence:
    Increased usage charges are not being proposed for Centrex lSDN because
    there is very little local usage over Centrex ISDN lines (e.g. most local
    calls are unbilled intercom calls). 
  which seems to imply that Centrex service is very cheap to provide
  because calls within a single CO are cheaper than normal local calls.
  If this is so, perhaps both utilities should be required to pass those
  savings on to home ISDN customers who call within their own CO,
  for instance, for those lucky enough to have an Internet Service Provider
  on the same CO.
  Dan Kegel
  310 442 2280
  Los Angeles, CA & Bellevue, WA
  The highlights:
  Pac Bell Usage Rates:
  Centrex rates:  increasing by $8/mo.
  Business rates:
        Old Each Additional Minute    New Each Additional Minute
  Day            $.0105               $.0210
  Evening        $.0073               $.0146
  Night/Weekend  $.0042               $.0084
  Home rates: same as business, but with 20 free hours of offpeak/month.
  (Thanks to David Frankel <dfrankel@jetstream.com> for scanning in
  the paper copy and providing it to us!)
  U.S. West Home ISDN Rates:
  	       Old                  New
  monthly        $63                  $184