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(Fwd) The Grinch that stole Christmas dinner

  The Grinch that stole Christmas dinner 
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  LONDON (December 24, 1997 00:48 a.m. EST http://www.nando.net) -- If 
  the mere thought of all that cholesterol to come is clogging your 
  arteries, there is yet more to fear. Environmentalists say that in 
  Britain, the turkey is toxic, the sprouts are downright sinister and 
  the gravy could send you to an early grave.
  With exquisite timing, Friends of the Earth appear like specters at the
  feast. They point out that the parsnip soup is potentially poisonous: 
  Seven samples out of eight in 1995 contained organophosphate 
  The turkey is likely to have been reared with four antibiotic feed
  additives. The boiled or roast potatoes may contain fungicide, 
  weedkiller or insecticide (23 percent of samples in 1996 contained 
  more than one of those things).
  In 1994 the British Ministry of Agriculture advised people to peel carrots
  because of organophosphate residues in the skin. Half of the sprouts 
  tested in 1995 contained fungicides.
  Skip the main course and go straight to the pudding? In 1996, 12 pesticide
  residues were found in 13 samples of mixed fruit, including four kinds of
  organophosphate. The butter in the brandy butter could contain lindane,
  and the nuts may have been fumigated with ozone-destroying methyl 
  bromide, to be phased out in Britain in 2010. Three quarters of the 
  chocolate samples had lindane residues.
  Last year, a biologist said the nutmeg in Christmas pudding contained a
  hallucinogenic alkaloid and the flour in it contained either beetles or
  Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth said the few organic turkeys to be had
  in London were too expensive. "I'm looking forward to Christmas 
  dinner as much as anyone, and I think it is a shame that year in, 
  year out we have to put up with food that is substandard."
  He does have good news: The brandy contains nothing more sinister than
  By TIM RADFORD, The Guardian