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            "Plant-Based Estrogen Has Fewer Side Effects."  USA Today, 8
            December 97, 1D.
                 Harry K. Genant, director of the osteoporosis research group
                 at the University of California, San Francisco, reports that
                 Estratab, a low-dose form of estrogen derived from soybeans
                 and yams, helps strengthen bones without the negative side
                 effects of higher-dose estrogen.  His study appears in
                 _Archives of Internal Medicine_ [which the OPPT Library does
                 not receive].
            "Estrogen-Mimicking Drug Obtains FDA Approval [National News
            Briefs]."  New York Times, 11 December 97, A20.  "Osteoporosis
            Drug [Findings]."  Washington Post, 11 December 97, A4.  "Lilly's
            Osteoporosis Drug is Approved by the FDA, Sparking Marketing
            War."  Wall Street Journal, 11 December 97, B14.
                 Raloxifene has received FDA approval and will be marketed by
                 Eli Lilly under the trade name Evista. The drug does not
                 protect bone mass quite as well as estrogen but it does not
                 carry the same risks.