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American Ref-Fuel incinerators (community contacts needed)

  American Ref-Fuel has taken over the Chester, PA incinerator (3rd or 4th
  largest in the U.S.) from Westinghouse earlier this year.  They are
  applying to burn "residual" waste at their plant which is currently
  permitted only for municipal waste.  The community group in Chester (one of
  the worst cases of environmental racism in the country) is looking to
  establish connections between the communities living next to this company's
  According to Ref-Fuel's website
  <http://www.ref-fuel.com/locations/locations.htm>, their other plants are
  located at:
  Hempstead, NY
  Essex County, NJ
  Southeastern (Preston), CT
  Niagara Falls, NY
  Rochester, MA
  We're particularly hoping to establish email contact with these
  communities.  If you have email for any of the activists near these plants,
  would you please get us that information along with any names & phone
  numbers you may be able to provide?