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Help wanted in locating report name and other references of toxics in fossil fuels

  I have a comparison of metal concentrations in fuels from the California
  Air Resources Board that was cited in the report entitled, _Burn, Baby,
  Burn: How to Dispose of Garbage by Polluting Land, Sea and Air at
  Enormous Cost_ by Elizabeth Holtzman, Comptroller of the City of New
  York, January 1992. 
  I'm having trouble finding where the original report is cited. But, the
  data on page A-9 of the Holtzman report says: ''..such metals enter the
  air or become part of the ash residue.'' Therefore, I assume they speak
  of the fly ash. 
  Does any one know the name of the original report from the California
  Air Resources Board and where it can be acquired?
  Also, does anyone have a documented report citing hydrocarbons and PAHs,
  including dioxins in the various fossil fuels?
  The California Air Resources Report (as used in the Holtzman Report)
  compares the concentratons of US Coal, Oil, and municipal solid waste
  for cadmium [not reported in oil], chromium, copper, mercury [not
  reported in oil], manganese, nickel, lead, and zinc and quantities are
  reported in ug/MJ.  MJ=million jewels; 1 jewel= 1,054 Btus.
  		Oil		U.S. Coal		Solid waste
  Cadmium   not reported  	110			702
  Chromium 	3.2		1,017			15,102
  Copper		4.6		510			26,237
  Mercury	   not reported		18.7			166
  Manganese	3.6		2,081			15,419
  Nickel		251		677			6,380
  Lead		13.9		738			39,290
  Zinc		17.8		1,582			60,943					
  I would appreciate any references.
  Susan K. Snow