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Re: Recycling vs Incineration

  Re: "plasma waste conversion"
  Anyone who claims to process radioactive waste safely should have their head
  examined or hauled into court for fraud. It is an impossibility, because
  radioactive waste cannot be made non-radioactive except by the passage of
  time. After each half-life of the radioactive atoms, half of the atoms have
  decayed (sometimes to more hazardous radioactive substances!) and half have
  the same radioactivity.
  There is one exception: if the atoms are heated and pressurized to fusion
  temperatures (1 million degrees), then you can transform the atoms to others
  atoms, usually increasing the amount of radioactivity, and providing a
  large, intense source of energy, commonly called a HYDROGEN BOMB.
  I hope someone challenges these folks...
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  >A new technology, plasma waste conversion being used by Startech
  Environmental, has just recently become available.  This method may make the
  whole incineration process a moot point.  If anyone is interested they can
  write to Startech at startech@netaxis.com or visit their website listed in
  the press release I've included below.
  >I'm no expert, I'm just trying to toss in a contribution to the discussion.
  Does anyone see any shortcomings to this system?
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  >      Startech Environmental and Chase Environmental Sign Alliance
  Agreement for Radioactive Waste Processing
  >      WILTON, Conn., Nov. 12 -/E-Wire/ -- Startech Environmental Corp. (OTC
  Bulletin Board: STHK) announced today that it has signed a Strategic
  Alliance Agreement with Chase Environmental Group, Inc. to produce sales of
  Startech Plasma Waste Converters for the safe processing and remediation of
  radioactive wastes for customers such as electric utilities, health care
  facilities, industry and government facilities.
  >     Chase Environmental is a private company headquartered in Louisville,
  Kentucky comprised of engineers and scientists with extensive experience and
  expertise in operating, siting, and permitting radioactive waste processing
  >     Startech Environmental Corporation is an environmental equipment
  company whose Plasma Waste Converters (PWCs)(TM) can safely remediate and
  process various radioactive and mixed wastes.  The PWC is a non-incineration
  system that safely processes hazardous and non-hazardous materials, organics
  and inorganics, solids, aqueous and non-aqueous liquids, sludge and gas by
  its method of molecular dissociation.  The Startech process is called
  "closed loop elemental recycling."
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