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thermonuclear?; oncology prevention?

  john, thx for the clarification.  that is what investigative reports said,
  unless they said 'nuclear' not thermonuclear (i.e., i substituted it), and
  the latter means a fusion, not a fision, bomb.   or, they might have meant
  a point impact, e.g. energy per unit area or volume.
  following may not be an opportunity for visitors to comment (see bottom),
  but i was already incensed, having eceived the a.c.s.'s annual beg for
  dollors, touting gains in (5 yr) survival rates and ignoring skyrocketing
  incidence rates.
  o Oncology____________________________________________________
    - The Use of 5-HT3 Antagonists in the Prevention of Nausea and
      Vomiting in Children
      Available for nearly a decade, this therapeutic class
      (ondansetron, granisetron, and now dolasetron) has
      revolutionized the prevention of nausea and vomiting in
      patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation, and is now
      gaining a foothold in the perioperative setting.
      [Pediatric Pharmacotherapy 3(9), 1997]
      -  Current Abstracts - Cutaneous Melanoma and Nevi
      -  What's Your Opinion?  Cancer Therapy - Should We Focus
          Resources on Prevention or Cure?