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profuse apologies

         I have had some discussions with people I
  trust in the chemical field and they have
  convinced me that I am incorrect in my
  proposition that the primary odor of
  new PVC is related to VC monomer, and I
  stand corrected and apologize for
  my diatribe. The odor appears to be primarily
  the plasticizers, etc., which, as Charlie
  Cray points out, are toxic in their own right,
  though probably not quite as toxic as VC.
  I do still maintain, however,
  that VC monomer is a significant contaminant
  in offshore PVC, as evidenced by the VC
  measurements in John Harte's book (Toxics
  A to Z). Perhaps the odor of the plasticizers is
  a marker or indicator that there is also VC
  monomer present. It also appears that some samples
  of PVC are contaminated with measurable
  amounts (in ppt) of PCDD/PCDF.
  Jon Campbell