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ICI relocation from Runcorn

  PRESS RELEASE from Halton Friends of the Earth
  We are not surprised to hear that ICI are putting their Runcorn site on the
  market.  ICI clearly realise that the chlorine industry cannot survive much
  longer, as the dangers to our health become better proven each year.
  Locally, ICI's sloppy management and poor maintenance were finally catching
  up with them, causing the massive pollution incidents we have seen this year.
  Predictably, ICI have taken their profits and now want to do a runner,
  leaving us a legacy of elderly plant creaking at the seams and grossly
  contaminated land.  
  That site is an accident waiting to happen and we hope that whoever buys the
  site will accept their responsibility to invest swiftly to bring the aging
  plant up to date, to prevent future pollution incidents and also to clean up
  the gross existing contamination both onsite and offsite.  We hope that the
  Environment Agency will act firmly to ensure that the new owners understand
  the urgent action needed to make this site safer and no longer a danger to
  Contact for further details
  Viv Mountford  
  phone  01928-566236
  email   vivmount@greener.u-net.com