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looking for info on BFI (fwd)

  Could someone please help with this request?
  Robert Weissman
  Essential Information			|   Internet:	rob@essential.org
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  Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 19:52:18 -0400
  From: Carmelo Ruiz <cruiz@caribe.net>
  To: monitor@essential.org
  Subject: looking for info on BFI
  I am currently covering for a local newspaper the controversy over a
  proposed waste dump in the southern part of the island, and I'm badly in
  need of information on the company that has the contract for the
  project: Browning Ferris Industries.  I plan to profile this corporation
  in a series of articles.
  Carmelo Ruiz
  1866 Ponce De Leon Avenue
  San Juan 00909
  (787) 726-5221
  fax: (787) 268-6224
  p.s. By the way, thank you very much for the info you sent me on
  Raytheon last year.