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managing eco-design

  Managing eco-design: international conference
  31st October 1997, London, UK
  Practical approaches to managing the complex issues surrounding
  the incorporation of environmental considerations into product
  development and design.
  Papers to be presented by IBM, Eastman Kodak, Philips, Nortel,
  Electrolux, Lucent Technologies, Oestfold Research Foundation,
  Tom Clark & Associates
  Managing eco-design: a training solution
  A comprehensive package that incorporates a 200 page manual, cd-
  rom and diskettes (eco-design websites and bibliographic
  references)...incorporating 11 corporate case histories
  Includes expert contributions on:
  * 'Business and environment' issues
  * Managing the eco-design process
  * Eco-design tools
  * Establishing eco-design training and communication programmes
  * Case studies
  * Information sources
  For more information re-email or fax your name and postal address
  to +44 1252 732274
  Martin Charter, Joint Coordinator, The Centre for Sustainable
  email:    cfsd@surrart.ac.uk
  internet: http://www.cfsd.org.uk