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Re: stages of denial

  From: Charlie Cray <ccray@dialb.greenpeace.org>
  >In light of the CPSC and the toy and PVC industries' response to our
  >new report on lead and cadmium in vinyl children's products ask
  >yourself what stage of denial they are in.   Here's a description of
  >the series of defenses used by the asbestos industry, as described by
  >David Ozonoff  of Boston University's school of public health.
  >Substitute your favorite product (mine, of course is PVC) for ***:
  In the vinyl blind problem (with lead), it appeared that only certain
  manufacturers were the primary culprit behind the increased lead in the
  product, e.g. extremely poor pigmentation control, and not related to the
  vinyl itself.  I also noticed that in the Canadian study, it concentrated on
  products that had already been identified in the USA study.  Are we in a
  similar case here?  Do the products only come from certain manufacturers or
  countries of origin, or do the pigmentations used come from only certain
  sources?  The manufacture of vinyl itself generally does not pick up a lot
  of metals.
  I would also be curious do know the estimated risk associated from exposure
  to the toys as opposed from just playing around in dirt in a typical urban
  area (which are generally laced with lead at or around many of the levels
  you found here).
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