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Re: anyone ever heard of WTE incinerator with closed loop system?

  In message <3425D9FC.4187@1stnet.com>, "Susan K. Snow"
  <sksnow@1stnet.com> writes
  >Has anyone ever heard of a mass burn waste-to-energy incinerator with 'a
  >closed loop system'?  The designer is Chip Efferson of  MRK Incineration
  >Susan Snow
  Ralph Ryder 
  Dear Susan
  I once heard a fellow from Clinical Waste, a company from New Zealand, trying to
  sell their incinerator technology to the community of Livingston in Scotland,
  saying that their incinerator was a 'closed loop' inasmuch as the heavy metals
  'stayed inside' the incinerator (clever these kiwi engineers). Of course the
  whole thing was pure PR Bull S---. Perhap Mr Chip Efferson has devised a way to
  weld the top of the chimney stack and the dump stack together.