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Municipal solid waste incinerator

  I'm hoping to touch base with any members of this list who have expertise
  or experience with municipal solid waste incinerators.  I am part of a
  newly formed public liaison committee developed by the regional government
  in Hamilton, Ontario to address issues/ concerns surrounding our
  incinerator.   The most immediate issue we must address is whether the
  region should move from its present 24 hours per day, 5 days per week 
  operating schedule to a 24hrs day/ 7 day operating schedule.  We, as
  citizen reps, are being told that the move to a 7 day operation will reduce
  emissions as it is the start-up and shut-down periods that are the most
  problematic in terms of generating dioxins/furans.  Very generally, the
  incinerator is a 'spreader-stoker with water wall boilers', and it uses a
  semi-suspension burning process.  Pollution control is through a 'bag
  house' system.  
  If you can help in pointing out potential problems with this type of
  incinerator, and any other things we should be aware of, it would be much
  appreciated.  Just drop me an e-mail, and I can provide you with more
  details about the facility (including some recent numbers for some stack
  testing results at the facility).
  Lynda Lukasik