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ContentsDirect - Chemosphere, 362, , Vol 35, Iss 6

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                Contents Direct From Elsevier Science
  Journal Code   : 362
  Journal        : Chemosphere
  Volume issue   : 35/6
  Year           : 1997
  Anticipated Publication Date: 19-SEP-97
  pp. 1161-1174
  Radiolabelling of humic material by enzymatically mediated incorporation of
  P Warwick, A Randall, P Lassen, L Carlsen
  pp. 1175-1185
  Chlorinated phenolic compounds in coniferous needles. effects of metal and paper
  industry and incineration
  S Sinkkonen, T Rantio, J Paasirvirta, S Peltonen, A Vattulainen, R Lammi
  pp. 1187-1194
  Simple nomenclature for chlorinated bornanes, bornenes and bornadienes from
  which structural information can be directly deduced
  PG Wester, HJ De Geus, J De Boer, UAT Brinkman
  pp. 1195-1198
  Gas chromatographic isolation of 1,2,3,4,5,7-,1,2,3,5,6,8-, 1,2,4,5,6,8- and
  T Imagawa, N Yamashita
  pp. 1199-1214
  Indentification of environmental hazards of gasoline oxygenate tert-amyl methyl
  ether (tame)
  H Huttunen, LE Wyness, P Kalliokoski
  pp. 1215-1226
  Toxic effects of linear alkylbenzenesulfonate and quaternary alkylammonium
  chloride on dunaliella sp. as measured by 1H-NMR analysis of glycerol
  A Utsunomiya, T Watanuki, K Matsushita, I Tomita
  pp. 1227-1231
  Interferences in the analysis of mixed halogenated dibenzofurans with diphenyl
  K Jay, L Stieglitz
  pp. 1233-1241
  Natural formation of chlorobenzoic acids (CBA) and distinction between
  PCB-degraded CBA
  V Niedan, HF Scholer
  pp. 1243-1247
  PCBs and PCTs in wolves (canis iupus, L) in galicia ( N.W. Spain)
  STC Gonzalez-Barros, ME Alvarez Pineiro, JS Lozano, MA Lage Yusty
  pp. 1249-1269
  Polychlorinated diphenyl ethers, dibenzo-p-dioxins dibenzofurans and biphenyls
  in seals and sediment from the gulf of finland
  J Koistinen, O Stenman, H Haahti, M Suonpera, J Paasivirta
  pp. 1271-1289
  Pesticide volatilization and exposure of terrestrial ecosystems
  H Kloppel, W Kordel
  pp. 1291-1309
  Pattern analysis of the variation in the sensitivity of aquatic species to
  M Vaal, JT Van Der Wal, J Hermens, J Hoekstra
  pp. 1311-1327
  Variation in the sensitivity of aquatic species in relation to the
  classification of environmental pollutants
  M Vaal, JT Van Der Wal, J Hoekstra, J Hermens
  pp. 1329-1341
  Heavy metals in lichens, southern district of keewatin, northwest territories,
  JR Chiarenzelli, LB Aspler, DL Ozarko, GEM Hall, KB Powis, JA Donaldson
  pp. 1343-1363
  Predicting the toxicity of complex mixtures using artificial neural networks
  F Gagne, C Blaise
  pp. 1365-1390
  Estimate of methane emissions from the U.S. natural gas industry
  DA Kirchgessner, RA Lott, RM Cowgill, MR Harrison, TM Shires
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