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Plastimet update

  Hamilton Plastimet Fire Update:
  I was at a community meeting last evening where both local and provincial
  government officials were on hand to discuss the latest dioxin results from
  the Plastimet fire in Hamilton, Ontario.  Grab samples taken from the site
  gave dioxin readings ranging at the low end 490 ppt TEQ to a whopping
  66,000 ppt TEQ!  Six specific isomers were measured.  According to the
  province's Regulation 347 (dealing with general waste management) waste is
  designated as hazardous if any of the six specific isomers of dioxin
  measured for are above 1000000 ppt.  Cleanup criteria for industrial sites
  is 1000ppt.  
  Anyway, the good news is that there is a growing number of people who are
  demanding that our provincial government undertake a full inquiry into this
  incident and the recycling industry in general.
  Meanwhile, I opened up the Hamilton Spectator - our local paper - this
  morning to read that another recycling plant - owned by Philip Inc - was
  dealing with a fire last night.  A pile of discarded plastic wire
  insulation caught fire, sending more black smoke into Hamilton skies.
  Lynda Lukasik