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endocrine disruptors and menopause

  About 15 years ago, a gynaecologist told me that over the 40 years of his
  career, he had seen the average age of menopause rise by about ten years,
  from about 40 to 50 years old, I think.  I don't know what his grounds were
  for saying this- observation of  his patients, or women in the UK or the
  world - I wasn't environmentally aware in those days, so I didn't think
  about the remark.  He attributed this to better heath and diet, I think.
  However, I've been wondering recently, whether this statistic is true, and
  if so, whether anyone has done any studies of whether this could be yet
  another side-effect of endocrine disrupting chemicals.
  Anyone know?
  Viv Mountford