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RE: Background Dioxin Levels?

  Here are some references where you might find more information:
  1. Bauer KM, Cramer PH, Stanley JS, Fredette C, Giglinto TL (1992)
  Multivariate Statistical Analyses of PCDD and PCDF Levels in Fish,
  Sediment, and Soil Samples Collected Near Resource Recovery Facilities.
  Chemosphere 25: 1441-1447. 
  2. Creaser CS, Fernandes AR, Al-Haddad A, Harrad SJ, Homer RB, Skett PW,
  Cox EA (1989) Survey of background levels of PCDDs and PCDFs in UK soils.
  Chemosphere 18: 767-776. 
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  PCDD and PCDF intake via the foodchain. Sci Total Environ 187: 211-229. 
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  potential pathways of human exposures to dioxins. J Anim Sci 73: 1639-1650. 
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  in eggs, chicken, and human blood of residents living on a contaminated
  area: investigation of a possible relationship. Organohalogen Compd 13:
  11. Wilken M, Neugebauer F, Fabarius G, Zeschmar-Lahl B, Jager J (1992)
  PCDD/PCDF Contamination of Different Pesticides Produced in Former GDR.
  Chemosphere 25: 1525-1531. 
  Lars Oberg
  At 12:16 97-08-26 -0400, you wrote:
  >This 2 -3 ppt range is a bit low actually from some references I have
  >seen.  A study of soils in the UK had mean values of background of 6ppt
  >for TCDD up to 143ppt for OCDD.  The furans ranged from 16ppt for TCDF
  >to 32 ppt for HxCDF.  This data can be found in:
  >Survey of Background Levels of PCDDs & PCDFs in UK Soils, Chemosphere,
  >Vol 18 Nos 1-6  pp 767-776 1989.
  >Some papers I have read find similar levels in the US.  I am sorry, but
  >I do not have references to those at my fingertips.
  >Dennis Catalano
  > ----------
  >From: Rebecca Leighton Katers
  >To: Multiple recipients of list
  >Subject: Background Dioxin Levels?
  >Date: Tuesday, August 26, 1997 8:11AM
  >I was just told by an FDA policy person that
  >recent information shows that dioxin background
  >levels range from 2 to 3 ppt.
  >This seemed awfully high to me, so I questioned
  >him and asked if he meant background
  >in the food supply or natural background in the
  >soil --- and he said natural background in soil.
  >He said that the 1 ppt limit for the chicken
  >recall and fish farms was simply their limit of detection,
  >not a regulatory number.
  >Can anyone recommend key documents which show natural
  >background levels are lower?
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