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Re: Chem Waste Management exemption

  	For clarity, I hope the people involved in this issue understand that even
  though this rule is a final action and the exception was granted under a
  previously past rule, it is still possible to litigate on this issue.  In
  more than a few cases, rules are passed that don't reflect the original
  intent of the law.  
  	I'd suggest finding a good lawyer and doing some digging into the
  case law involve if you feel that it's worth persuing.
   On Wed, 20 Aug 1997
  asagady@sojourn.com wrote:
  > I thought folks would be interested in this exemption
  > for Chem Waste Management to get around the 
  > Land Disposal Ban rules that require hazardous
  > waste treatment.
  > Folks in OHIO should be particularly forwarned...
  > This is an example of EPA circumventing Congressional
  > intent with the requirement that wastes containing
  > significant amounts of organic compounds not be
  > permitted for land disposal without treatment to 
  > destroy those compounds.
  > When ChemWaste Management can poor them
  > in a hole in the ground perhaps one can begin
  > to understand the effects on pollution prevention
  > and more ligitimate waste treatment....