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  I am in immediate need of qualified experts to nominate for the EPA's Risk
  Assessment forum concerning a peer review of the Risk Assessment for the
  Drake Superfund incinerator in Lock Haven, PA.  Nominees need to have
  expertise in the following areas: human and ecological toxicology,
  environmental fate and transport, combustion engineering, atmospheric
  modeling, or exposure assessment.  Knowledge in these areas is not
  equivalent to expertise in the subject.  Independence, freedom from
  financial, institutional, ideological, or technical bias is necessary.  No
  one who has done any work on the Drake incinerator, worked on projects for
  assessing risk for same, or who has participated in litigation on the Drake
  issue will not be considered.  Our grassroots group, A.I.R (Arrest the
  Incinerator Remediation) is considered one of the stakeholders, and as such,
  can nominate people to the peer review.  All nominations must be back to the
  EPA, with appropriate curriculum vitae, by Aug. 20th, at the latest.  Do you
  or anyone else have any suggestions?   All reviewers will be paid by EPA up
  to $2500.  Please reply asap.  Thanks, Vicki Smedley, Chairperson for AIR