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good news on access to _env. health perspectives_

  >In recent years the costs to the government for the dissemination of
  >environmental health information has increased enormously.   We
  >apologize for the any difficulties this might cause you.    We
  >understand your need to access information in a timely manner and
  >realize that the cost of hardcopies of EHP and the NTP technical reports
  >could cause difficulties to some of our readers.    We have decided to
  >allow access to the Web site to all non-profit organizations at the
  >student rate of $25/year.    This price does not include hard copies of
  >the journals and technical reports.   If you wish to pursue the Web
  >access, please indicate in your request information concerning your
  >non-profit status.
  >Gary Hook
  >Chief, EHP
  >For a subscription only  to the printed version of the journals you
  >contact the Superientendent of Documents.   GPO determines the
  >subscription fee.   We have no say so in this cost.
  >For a subscription to the web site and printed versions of the journals
  >(if you choose), you contact OCR Subscription Services  (919/541-3841).
  >Linda S. Roberts
  >Staff Specialist
  >Environmental Health Perspectives
  >MD   EC-15
  >PO Box 12233
  >Research Triangle Park   NC  27709-2233
  >(919) 541-1453
  >FAX  (919) 541-0273
  >e-mail:   robert10@niehs.nih.gov
  or:   http://ehis.niehs.nih.gov/
  i appreciate _ehp_'s response; it should certainly cover the concerns
  raised.  i will post your decision to the 3 lists i sent my original appeal
  to contact _ehp_.
  a visible announcement in _ehp_, if you haven't already (gpo mailed the may
  issue at the begining of august!) concerning your overall new policies and
  explaining what triggered the changes would help allay the concerns i have
  been hearing.  putting all your publications on the web is a large task,
  but does counter the price increases by gpo.  i appreciate this solution.
  as to niehs' policy of 'free-while-they-last' for back issues of
  _supplements_  ... it was nice while it lasted!
  thank you for ensuring continued access by all to niehs publications.
  tony tweedale