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cancer alley

  I am new to this list, and am looking for some people who might be able to
  talk with me about the dioxin (and other toxic) situation in southern
  Louisianna. I'm a journalist and am doing preliminary research for a
  magazine article on this region -- my focus is "life in a toxic town" so to
  speak (not so simplistic as that...)
  I'm looking for some human stories regarding health issues and other
  incidents that seem newsworthy or controversial:  are there higher cancer
  rates in certain areas? Any major controversies in certain communities?
  Battles with specific industries?  I'm very interested in the industry
  viewpoint on all of this as well as the environmental/activist perspective.
  I'd appreciate all an any comments, as I'm up here in NYC, and trying to
  get as much research accomplished before I head down to La at the end of
  the month...
  Please email me:  jreitman@earthlink.net
  Thanks --
  Janet Reitman