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Re: dispute resolution

  sam sed:
  >ONE Solution:  Whether many of you realize it or not, technology has
  >quickly ramped up to a stage of answering these questions without
  >touching foot on the facility.  Whether we are talking about fenceline
  >monitoring for air emissions, open path FTIR, or taking waste stream
  >samples, there are ways to do this legally and still prove that a
  >company is in violation of its air/water/waste permits.  So instead of
  >relying on enforcement personnel, which are overworked (and some of you
  >could care less for), you could become more active in the enforcement
  >role (instead of reviewing paperwork supplied by the industry itself)?
  >Maybe we/you should be thinking about coordinated efforts to bring
  >together a testing group that can approach this problem actively,
  >accurately, and honestly, with the full weight of the law AND science
  >behind them?  Very few organizations can fund even limited sampling
  >efforts.  But a coordinated effort by all could field a small team and
  >keep them busy year round to the benefit of all concerned.
  >Food for thought.
  this may be a constructive seque-away into terminating the discussion.
  i've known sam virtually for 2-3 years (first on sci.environment) and
  consistantly found him to be full of constructive suggestions such as this
  one; also his expertise has been very useful as a consultant for us on a
  citizen's caa (mostly) lawsuit.  he is very open & up front with his
  opinions and motivations, very fact driven, and a font of information.  i
  put his utility to dioxin-l right up there w/ professionals like alan &
  alex (no ranking intended).
  [as an aside, any moral flaws of gp's pvc/edc sampling did not involve the
  w/holding of data, as is all too common in industry.  that's a key point
  for science-driven personalities!]
  anyway, sampling is always a huge roadblock for enviros, and i'd encourage
  enviros to go w/ his idea of a testing group.  a private email list might
  be a point to begin discussions.
  tony tweedale