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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  In our state, Dept. of Natural Resources staff 
  are represented by a Labor Union.
  If the majority are frustrated and disgusted 
  with the choices they are forced into, 
  why don't they use their collective bargaining 
  rights to demand higher ethical standards?   
  Why don't they use their unions to offer protections to 
  Why don't they get more active in election 
  campaigns as individuals?
  Forestry professionals have been very effective 
  through their PEER and AFCEE (sp?) collective 
  lobbying groups.   Why don't other natural 
  resource professionals band together?
  Imagine the power they would have if they all 
  stood together and supported each other?
  (Instead, I just heard about another staff person 
  who caught hell from other staff and management
  because he dared to tell me the truth in response 
  to my direct question.)
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