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Re: Legitimate Complaints - Systemic Problems

   "I know about health damage that can occur.
  The family that used to live across from Champion had
  two kids that regularly had respiratory related problems
  and sinusitis from their exposure to Champion's airborne
  Speaking for the whiners, many of us have worked without a day off or a
  days pay for years...with disabilities that have put strong men in the
  fetal position in a corner and caused many others to commit suicide.  Not
  that having a chronically runny nose and not being able to breath is a
  piece of cake, but there are many chemically disabled folks that would love
  to have only those starter symptoms to live with.  If these are the worst
  cases of "victims" you have come in contact with you are either
  deliberately trying to marginalize the suffering of the chemically disabled
  or you wouldn't know a poisoned person (or acknowledge one) if they died
  and fell on you.
       Survivors, who may also be victims, unavoidably deal with the
  "justice" issue because they have lived the injustice of being disabled
  unnecessarily by pesticides/pollution/chemicals.  It has been my experience
  that when people know where to direct their rage they are very effective
  advocates for justice.  
        Rather than calling survivors "whiners" grassroots groups should be
  getting us, counting us, lining us up and pointing at us and saying, "Look
  here this is what will happen to you if you don't drink your milk and stop
  all this poisoning".
       This country is seriously afflicted by a disease called "walletitis". 
  This is when a citizens vision and morals are obscured by their wallets. 
  It would behoove environmentalists to embrace and humanely empathize with
  people who have been disabled by chemical poisons.  For too many until it
  is clear how very expensive it is for these survivors (not victims) to live
  and that the tax payers will be responsible if the polluters will not...in
  other words they will not care until they get the itemized tax bill.  This
  is why so many (especially polluters, their henchmen and others that due to
  guilt from a failure to respond)  would deny the tragic consequences of
  chemical injuries or want them to appear as if it is only a runny nose and
  an occasional chest cold.  God forbid they should be forced to deal with
  the anger and the gory details of chronic daily severe illness.
       Our organization is attempting to educate the public and other
  non-profit groups about the glaring discrimination against children and
  others with disabilities caused by chemical poisoning.  There are no
  facilities for these children.  No summer camps. No special schools or
  educational facilities, no organized public effort to provide needed
  remediation.  As they degenerate there are no nursing homes that
  accommodate their needs.  Hospitals and doctors offices are a nightmare as
  they exacerbate symptoms and cause accumulative degenerative damage.  I'll
  stop here before I get accused of whining, but a "drink your milk" campaign
  could be a very effective campaign in our material world where we seldom do
  something because of it's innate "oughtness" but contingent upon the tax
  cost.  It would seem if the poisoning would be stopped we had better all
  start whining more about this "victimization".
  Of course if the poison pushers are allowed to exclude the chemically
  injured by calling them whiners and denying their injuries...these
  children/people will continue to be one of the most vilified, discriminated
  against and hated groups of disabled citizens ever.