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cites to early e.d research (1930's-70's)

  michael, i originally had a footnote for the section on early evidence of
  e.d., but it said: "compiled from various sources"!   here's what i used,
  plus a couple extra.
  -several are in _rachel's_ #487 (8 march '96) @: http://www.monitor.net/rachel/
  (from colburn's _our stolen future_):
  -a 4/97 post by ralph ryder (ralph@tcpub.demon.co.uk)) says that in the
  1930's researchers discovered that doses of estrogen (as estradiol?) to
  pregmant rats caused sexual abnormalities in their offspring (burlington &
  lideman, _soc. exper. biol. & med._ 1950 (no further cite given)).
  -alkylphenols estrogenicity: dodds & lawson 'molec. structure in relation
  to oestrogen: activity of compounds w/out a phenathracene nucleus' _proc.
  royal soc. london b_ 125:222-32 ('38).  from a foe/uk report.
  -j bitman et al. 'estrogenic activity of o,p-ddt...' science_ 162:371-2
  ('69) .  also 'ddt admin. to neonatal rats induces persistent estrus
  syndromen' _science_ 173:642-3 aug. '71.
  -j bitmnan & h cecil 'estrogenic activity of ddt analogs & pcb's' _j agi
  food chem._ 18:1108-12 ('70)
  -uncited refer. to testosterone masculinized mosquitfish, in _rachel's_
  #475 (4 jan '96), apparantly also from _osf_.  see also a couple cites on
  research in the '70's i didn't mention, in this issue.
  -d.e.s.:   "in 1938, the same year des was 1st synthtesized, a study showed
  mice exposed to des developed breast cancer...a year later, other studies
  of mice exposed to des in utero linnked the hormone to malformed
  reproductive organs." e jarvik 'toxic exposure: birth, lies & videotape'
  _deseret news_ [utah?] 23 jan '97 p. c-1. (describes  the recent excelelnt
  pbs _pov_ documetary 'a healthy baby girl', a des daughter's travails).
  -no cited refer. for 40% rate of male->hermaphrodite roach fish in river
  lee, hertforshire by scientists employed by thames water authority in 1978,
  in _toxct_ 2:2 spring '96 (www.gnapc.org/cats) (it does have a reference
  for related discussion, but i didn't print it i guess).
  -nelson & bunge of u. iowa reported in '74 a very signif. drop in sperm
  counts vs '50'sin fertile men in their iowa clinic.
  -wwf/canada's web page discusses reports in '50's of avian sexual behavior,
  as do _rachel's_ & _osf_.
  t spiro & w stigliani _env issues in chemical perspective_, albany ny suny
  press report "tcdd apparantly mimics hormaonal activity, altering a cell's
  biochemical apparatus for enzyme production." (m. o'brien, p. 28 of _on the
  trail of a pesticide_ , ncap 198?)
  -"reduced spermatogenesis has also been reported in monkeys exposed to
  commercial fat products adulterated w/ tcdd ... allen & carstens _am. j
  ve.t res._ 28:1513 ('67)" (in barsotti et al 'hormal alterations in female
  rhesus monkeys fed...2,3,7,8-tcdd' _bul. env. contam. toxicol. 21:463-9
  ('79).  contains references to 3 other positive results in 1960's
  tony tweedale