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Re: chicken sale?

  Hi Jon,  I would fathom a guess that all those half price chicken ads from
  the big grocery chain weekly advertising budgets have taken precedence over
  the dioxin contamination in our  news medias eyes.  I often send copies of
  Rachels and other environmental news efforts to our local papers and never
  do they get reprinted unless I write a letter to the editor and mention the
  news myself.  The trouble with this is that one is so limited in space with
  letters to the editor.   John Staubers book, "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You"
  tells this media story beautifully.      Another way that we can attempt to
  bring this to the public attention is by participating in radio talk shows.
   Oftentimes radio stations will do live interviews with local activists
  during a talk show.  Call ahead to set an agenda for the program.  Just
  some thoughts.  E.M.T. O'Nan
  > From: Jon Campbell <jon@cqs.com>
  > To: Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org>
  > Subject: chicken sale?
  > Date: Monday, July 21, 1997 11:32 AM
  > Hi, folks,
  > I have been getting The Boston Globe
  > during the time of the chicken ban, and
  > have not seen anything significant,
  > certainly not page 1. Has anyone seen
  > anything in their media?
  > My local supermarket is selling chicken
  > for half-price this week. I can only wonder
  > if this has anything to do with the ban...
  > Thanks
  > Jon