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Re: Cooking PCBs & Furans

  Tony Tweedale wrote:
  > i renew my querry (posted here friday) too.  i've read several
  > articles on our exposure to dioxins through food (schecter, others)
  and i
  > don't believe i've seen mention of the issue...
  Dioxin formation generally occurs a few hundred degrees higher than
  your typical broiler.  There is some research of odd reactions at
  around 500F, but in an industrial settings with other odd
  pollutants/conditions around than in your typical fish from a polluted
  estuary.  A few side reactions *may* be possible at the broiler temp,
  but these would probably be more than offset by broiling the fish and
  getting rid of the fat.  Doubt it would lead to worse compounds.
  I can't speak for the wisdom of eating fish known to be contaminated;
  fully realize the choice is sometimes dictated by income and hunger. 
  Though broiling would greatly reduce the problem of dioxins, you can't
  get rid of all the fat nor trace contamination in other areas.  You
  could find out a) how much broiling really reduces the dioxin/pcb
  content, and b) if any reactions are taking place with the same test. 
  Probably would not cost over $5K to figure out if the locals would help
  catch and broil the fish.  Whether it is worth $5K to the state or the
  local population I can't answer either.
  Sam McClintock