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Cooking PCBs & Furans

  Our local fish are highly contaminated with PCBs, 
  furans and traces of dioxins.
  Our wonderful health agencies tell fishermen that 
  if they trim off the skin and belly fat, and 
  broil instead of fry the fish (so the fat drips 
  off), this will greatly reduce the contamination 
  and their health risks.
  But does the heating, scorching, and cooking 
  actually CONVERT the remaining PCBs and furans 
  into much more toxic Dioxins?
  I've asked many agency staff and some scientists 
  if they know of any studies on this, but of 
  course they all reassured me (without evidence) 
  that this wouldn't occur.
  What's the truth?
  Rebecca Leighton Katers
  Clean Water Action Council of N.E. Wisconsin
  2220 Deckner Avenue
  Green Bay, WI 54302
  Phone:  414-468-4243
  Fax:  414-468-1234
  E-mail:  cwac@execpc.com