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Publicize your events on teh WWW

  Just a reminder that I will help to publicize your event(s) by putting them
  on my Endocrine Disrupter REsource Center and/or monthly news bulletin FOOD
  SAFETY & HEALTH. SEnd me a flyer, press release or e-mail telling me about
  your event and I'll include it.
  Jackie Hunt Christensen
  Food Safety Project Director
  Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  2105 1st Avenue South
  Minneapolis,  MN 55404
  612-870-3424 (direct line)
  612-870-4846 (fax)
  e-mail: <jchristensen@igc.apc.org>
  IATP's Endocrine Disrupter Resource Center: http://www.sustain.org/edrc