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RE: U.S. 'Injustice' Sold to Olin/Schaife

  On Monday, December 22, 1997 5:21 PM, charles mueller[SMTP:cmueller@metrolink.net] wrote:
   what are the OPTIONS for those who don't like his monopoly?  Here
  @are the ones that occur to me:
  @        (1)  Persuade the U.S. JUDGES that they're wrong.
  @        (2)  Persuade the U.S. CONGRESS that it should rewrite our antitrust
  @laws-- taking them out of the hands of our federal judges or otherwise
  @making them 'judge-proof.'
  @        (3)  Persuade the U.S. MEDIA that, notwithstanding their OWN
  @monopolies,   Adam Smith was right in his conclusion that monopoly is
  @generally a very bad idea, one that grievously impairs the 'wealth of
  @nations' everywhere.
  @        (4)  Persuade the U.S. PUBLIC that its media, its national
  @legislature, and its federal judges are all wrong in their 1997 embrace of
  @economic monopoly--that, again as Adam Smith emphasized, it is simply a
  @private 'tax' on the rest of society, an 'absurd' one that inevitably leads
  @to corporate bloat, inefficiency, stagnation, and finally relative poverty
  @for the citizens of the country that tolerates it.
  There is a 5th option and in my opinion has the most potential for reward...
  the four items that you list require that people continue to beat their heads
  against the wall. All that will acheive is a sore hea
  (5) Form a new nation-cyber-state by moving AWAY from the monopoly
  and by becoming less dependent on it. With current technology, no one
  has to live in a cyberworld which they do not like. It is now easy to gather
  together a group of like-minded people and embark upon a journey in which
  you leave the judges, congress, the media and the majority of the public behind.
  Jim Fleming
  Unir Corporation
  IBC, Tortola, BVI