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Another Done Deal

  Here is the latest monopoly being launched by the NSF
  and the U.S. Government...of course, this one is probably
  supported by the IAHC supporters. I suppose all monopolies
  are not bad, just the ones they do not support.
  @@@ http://rs.internic.net/nsf/agreement/amendment7.html
  Amendment 7 to the NSF Cooperative Agreement is now available. This 
  Amendment will transfer responsibility for the IP Number assignment, 
  Autonomous System Number assignment, and IN-ADDR.ARPA tasks to
  the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).  ARIN will begin 
  operations on December 22, 1997. All IP requests received by the InterNIC 
  that are not processed prior to the close of business on Friday, December 
  19, will be forwarded from the InterNIC to ARIN. The InterNIC will make 
  every attempt to complete all requests received by this date.
  @@@ http://rs.internic.net/nsf/agreement/amendment7.html
  "IN-ADDR.ARPA tasks to ARIN."
  And ARIN was not supposed to have anything to do with
  domain names....is IN-ADDR.ARPA a domain name ???
  Jim Fleming
  Unir Corporation
  IBC, Tortola, BVI