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Re: ANTITRUST digest 182

  At 07:10 PM 12/8/97 -0500, Charles Mueller wrote:
  >        I have a modest proposal for advancing the fight against monopoly.
  >I read somewhere within the last week or so that--I believe the figure
  >was--roughly 90% of our U.S. senators have an E-mail address.  This
  >discussion group, with its 270 or so computer/software experts, could no
  >doubt ferret out that list of senatorial E-mail addresses in a trice.  And
  >does not the technology permit--once the 90 are known--a "consolidated"
  >address that, with a single command, can send an E-mail message to all 90 of
  >those listed/wired senators?  Every citizen could then post a message to, in
  >effect, the full Senate with the click of a mouse?
  The technology is available, but politically, it won't have much impact.
  Members of Congress are far more likely to be responsive to phone calls and
  faxes than to email.  The technology is also available to send out multiple
  faxes from a web page fax server, but someone has to pay for the phone
  service to send the faxes.
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