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Written Versus Spoken

          As suggested, I've asked Ralph's office for a copy of whatever
  written materials it has from the conference.
          Aside from the fact that my machine is an ancient 386, I have the
  task of reporting to the readers of my journal on any important insights
  offered by the participants.  Most of us read at several multiples of the
  speed at which we 'listen'  --plus we can underscore and otherwise mark up
  for easy reference the written materials.  Listening to 2 days of audio
  tapes--not to mention taking notes, backing up, etc.--is a chore that, I
  would suspect, not many of our 270 members will ever actually get through.
  This may well be why we've had so little discussion of what the participants
  said--if no more than a few have listened to enough of the tapes to offer
  meaningful comments.
          I certainly understand budget constraints.  And if some of the
  participants either didn't prepare a written text or have refused to allow
  it to be posted online, then so be it.  The audio tapes, though, in my view,
  simply aren't an adequate substitute here.  Someone--perhaps the authors
  themselves--need to post the texts of at least the 3 or 4 more important
  papers delivered at the conference, along with maybe brief (highlight)
  summaries of the others.  Until that's done, I don't see how we can have a
  meaningful discussion of what was said there.
          Should any of the participants happen to read this post (or anyone
  else who has a copy of any of the papers), I hope you'll share with me a
  copy of your presentation at the conference.  My (snail) address is:  P.O.
  Box 3532, Vero Beach, FL 32964.
          Charles Mueller, Editor