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Re: Antitrust Bill of Rights

  On Thu, 27 Nov 1997 12:11:37 -0500 (EST) wfcooper@tiac.com (Bill Cooper)
  >On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:25:16 -0500 (EST), charles mueller
  ><cmueller@metrolink.net> wrote:
  >I think Charles is letting liberal jurists off the hook a little
  >easily here.  After all, small entrepreneurs that have to scramble to
  >make a payroll every week are far less likely to have any brief with
  >liberal nostrums like affirmative action, environmental protection or
  >labor unions.  It's the private sector bureaucrats at huge
  >corporations, that are insulated from the costs of these things by
  >their monopolistic ability to pass the costs onto consumers, that are
  >likely to endorse them
        Affirmative action, environmental protection or labor unions are
  hardly nostrums.  They are necessities brought about by externality
  market failures (or unequal bargaining power in the case of labor - read
  Adam Smith,  that labor radical  on that,  folks,   Wealth of Nations, 
  Modern Library,  pp. 66-67)  which occur even in a competitive
         Still,  monopolists who can pass on cures for externalities or
  split their monopoly profits with their labor certainly have an advantage
  over competitors in this regard. So this is a real problem.  But isn't
  the answer still found in either taxing away monopoly profits, 
  regulating the monopolists  or getting rid of the monopolists and then
  forcing all entrepreneurs,  large or small,  to incorporate their
  externalities into their prices and in establishing rules for labor which
  all have to comply with - including exporters from labor-bashing
  Ralph Anspach