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Imports A Substitute for Antitrust?

          I recall a suggestion here that imports can supply the needed
  competition and nullify domestic monopoly, thus bringing competitive prices
  to consumers--and thereby obviating the need for a domestic antimonopoly policy.
          First, only some 15% of U.S. industry is subject to import competition.
          And it carries some high costs:  (1)  The JOBS are transferred to
  the exporting countries; (2) the profits go there; and (3) the
  technology--and its new developments --remains in those exporting countries.
          Tolerating monopoly in one's home industries via a lax or
  nonexistent antitrust policy--and then 'buying competition' from abroad--is
  one of the more costly policy mistakes for virtually any country.  There's
  still no free lunch.
          Charles Mueller, Editor