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Microsoft in the broadcast spectrum

  So much for closed captioning.
  Just wait till over the air broadcasters start implementing using the
  bandwidth the FCC just gave them for high def, especially the pbs
  stations....there is enough bandwidth for several high speed (10 mbs or
  better) per existing broadcast station....what an outrageous handoff.  At
  which presidential coffee was that given away.
  The vertical blanking bandwidth is like an oxcart while the new "free tv"
  spectrum is like a F-16.
  I've been saying for months that the battle is going to be in tv like
  implementations...not cable modems.  Complete with bandwidth barriers to
  potential competitive offerings.
  Broadcast managers just want a box that will bring in money....maybe M-soft
  has the box, the ribbon, the contents and the delivery truck.
  How do you fix this?
  Rick Dahlgren