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M$ Alert: Last Chance to Fax

  The Micro$oft Monitor
  Published by NetAction          Issue No. 11              September 18, 1997	
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  In This Issue:
  Congress is Concerned
  Last Chance to Fax Congress
  About the Micro$oft Monitor
  Congress is Concerned
  NetAction volunteers who visited Congress Monday were pleased to hear that
  Microsoft's anti-consumer activities will be scrutinized by the Antitrust
  Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of a hearing
  scheduled to examine competition and antitrust enforcement issues in the
  computer industry.  Joel A. Christie, Counsel to the Senate Judiciary
  Committee, told a group of  NetAction volunteers that the Antitrust
  Subcommittee is very interested in hearing from consumers when the
  Subcommittee meets to explore whether the computer industry has become too
  Although a specific date for the hearing has not been set, Christie said it
  will take place later this fall or early next year.  At Christie's request,
  NetAction will provide a list of suggested witnesses for the hearing and
  help the Subcommittee staff identify consumer concerns that need to be examined.
  The Antitrust Subcommittee is chaired by Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH), and the
  ranking member is Senator Herbert Kohl (D-WI).  Residents of Ohio and
  Wisconsin are urged to contact these Senators and thank them for their
  interest in consumer concerns about Microsoft.  Contact them by phone or
  Senator DeWine:
  Phone: 202-224-2315     E-mail: senator_dewine@dewine.senate.gov
  Senator Kohl:
  Phone: 202-224-5653     E-mail: senator_kohl@kohl.senate.gov
  On the House side of Capitol Hill, the House Judiciary Committee has a
  hearing scheduled for November 5, 1997, to examine antitrust issues in
  general.  But Joseph Gibson, Chief Antitrust Counsel for the Committee, said
  there has been no decision yet about whether or not to examine Microsoft's
  monopoly activities as part of that hearing.  
  Calls and faxes from NetAction supporters in Illinois and Michigan are
  urgently needed to help convince the House Judiciary Committee to examine
  the Microsoft monopoly as part of that hearing.  The Committee is chaired by
  Illinois Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-6th), and the ranking member is Michigan Rep.
  John Conyers, Jr. (D-14th). 
  There is still time to send a fax to Rep. Hyde or Rep. Conyers from the
  NetAction Web site <http://www.netaction.org/fax/faxform.html>.  Fax and
  phone numbers are:
  Rep. Henry J. Hyde:
  Phone: 202-225-4561     Fax: 202-225-1166       
  Rep. John Conyers, Jr.:
  Phone: 202-225-5126     Fax: 202-225-0072
  NetAction volunteers who visited with representatives from their home states
  on Monday found that many were receptive to their concerns about Microsoft.
  Thanks to all who participated, in person and via our Virtual Speak Out on
  the Web site, Congress is listening!       
  Last Chance to Fax Congress
  Friday, Sept. 19, 1997, is the final day of NetAction's Virtual Speak Out.
  If you haven't already sent a fax to your representatives in Congress in
  support of hearings on Microsoft, do it today!  
  To participate in the Virtual Speak Out, visit NetAction's Web site
  <http://www.netaction.org/fax/faxform.html> and send a fax to one or more of
  your representatives in Congress.
  It's easy to participate.  You'll find a letter on NetAction's Web site,
  along with instructions on how to send the fax.  If you support NetAction's
  request for Congressional hearings, we hope you'll take a moment to fax the
  letter to your representatives.  Remember that you have two Senators and one
  Representative.  We encourage you to send separate faxes to each of your
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