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M$ Monitor: Windows On the World

  The Micro$oft Monitor
  Published by NetAction          Issue No. 9               September 3, 1997	
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  In This Issue:
  Windows On the World
  Button Up
  The Value of Freeware
  Countdown to Congress
  About The Micro$oft Monitor
  Windows Around the World
  June Dilevsky is looking for residents of Israel who are familiar with the
  Hebrew version of Windows 95 and may be willing to serve as expert witnesses
  in a class action lawsuit she is preparing against Microsoft Israel for
  false advertising of Windows 95 and poor customer service.  She has also
  sent a complaint to the Israeli anti-trust authorities regarding Microsoft's
  unsatisfactory service, which she believes is based on the company's status
  as an uncontrolled monopoly in Israel.
  June would like to hear from Micro$oft Monitor readers who are interested in
  working with her.  Contact her by E-mail at: msaviv@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il.
  And from the other side of the globe, NetAction has had an inquiry from a
  reader in Taiwan who would like to contact other folks in Chinese-speaking
  countries who are concerned about Microsoft.  If you're interested in
  communicating with Micro$oft Monitor readers in Taiwan or other
  Chinese-speaking nations, write to audrie@netaction.org.
  Button Up 
  NetAction's "Billy" fish logo is now available as a button.  The limited
  edition button features a red-ink rendering of "Billy" fish, along with our
  campaign slogan, "Don't Be Soft On Microsoft."  NetAction is selling the
  buttons for the low price of just $1 each.  Buy five and we'll give you a
  sixth button free; buy ten and we'll send you an even dozen.  Proceeds from
  the sale of buttons will be used to support NetAction's program work,
  including publication of the Micro$oft Monitor and NetAction Notes.
  To order buttons, write to:
  601 Van Ness Avenue, #631
  San Francisco, CA 94102
  Please include a check or money order payable to: NetAction/Tides
  And if you haven't yet downloaded the "Billy" fish logo, you'll find it on
  the NetAction Web site, at <http://www.netaction.org/msoft/winfish.html>,
  along with instructions on how to post a copy to your own Web site.  If
  you're concerned about the Microsoft monopoly, help spread the word about
  the Consumer Choice Campaign by displaying "Billy" fish prominently on your
  Web site.
  The Value of Freeware
  Although money is an important motivator in our economy, the widespread
  availability of free software in cyberspace indicates that not all software
  producers share Bill Gates' obsession with the bottom line.  In "Information
  Wants to be Valuable: A Report from the First O'Reilly Perl Conference,"
  Keith W. Porterfield paints a grim picture of a world without freeware.  
  The report is on NetAction's Web site:
  As Keith explains in the report, O'Reilly is attempting to create a new
  model that will benefit both the commercial software side and the freeware
  side of his efforts.  Maybe there's a lesson here for Bill.        
  Formerly the "Technicalities" columnist for Internet World magazine, Keith
  is an independent computer consultant.  He previously worked as a Systems
  Architect at Mecklermedia and ManyMedia.  NetAction is grateful for his
  volunteer technical support, which helps make it possible for ManyMedia to
  host NetAction's web site
  Countdown to Congress
  We're less than two weeks away from NetAction's Sept. 15 visit to Congress,
  so register now if you plan to participate and tell your representatives why
  Microsoft's move to monopolize cyberspace is a threat to consumers.  Visit
  the NetAction web site to sign up: <http://www.netaction.org/lobby-form.html>.
  (And if you can't join us in Washington, we'll be asking you to write
  letters to your representatives to share your concerns.  Look for a sample
  letter on NetAction's Web site soon.)
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