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M$ Monitor: Visit Congress Sept. 15

  The Micro$oft Monitor
  Published by NetAction          Issue No. 6                    July 26, 1997	
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  In This Issue:
  Visit Congress Sept. 15
  About The Micro$oft Monitor
  Join NetAction in a Visit to Congress on September 15
  With the help of several dedicated volunteers, NetAction is arranging for a
  group of concerned Internet users to visit Congress and explain to our
  representatives why Microsoft's move to monopolize cyberspace is a threat to
  consumers.  We invite you to join us in Washington, D.C., on Monday,
  September 15, 1997, to tell Congress, "Don't Be Soft On Microsoft!"    
  So circle the date on your calendar, and visit the NetAction web site to
  register as a participant: <http://www.netaction.org/lobby-form.html>.
  Right now, only a few members of Congress really understand the Internet,
  and even fewer understand why Microsoft is a threat to the Net's continued
  growth and development.  Since we can't rely on the Justice Department to
  stop the Microsoft monopoly, we must educate Congress about Microsoft's
  threat and convince our representatives to put pressure on the Justice
  Department to vigorously enforce the laws intended to protect competition.
  As a start, we will be asking Congress to hold public hearings so that
  consumer concerns about Microsoft will be on the record.
  But we need your help.  Congress needs to hear from real people -- Internet
  users like you who understand the Microsoft threat and can talk about your
  own experiences with Microsoft products.  Participants will spend the day
  visiting their representatives and other key members of Congress.
  Even if you've never done anything like this before, you can do it.
  NetAction will provide you with background material to hand out to your
  representatives, buttons to wear during your visits, and a brief lesson in
  lobbying techniques to help you communicate effectively with your
  If enough of us speak out, Congress will listen and the Microsoft monopoly
  will be stopped!  So please plan to join us in Washington, D.C., on
  September 15, for a visit to Congress.
  We will soon have information about travel and hotel accommodations for
  those who need it.  Meanwhile, you can register to participate at
  Questions?  Call NetAction at 415-775-8674, or write to: akrause@igc.org.
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