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Anti-trust Investigation of Network Solutions (fwd)

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  Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 18:26:54 -0400
  From: The Arctos Group <arctos@arctos.com>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <com-priv@lists.psi.com>
  Subject: Anti-trust Investigation of Network Solutions
  Network Solutions Inc. (NSI), the Herndon, Virginia company 
  selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1995 to 
  control the assignment of all Internet domain names, is now 
  under scrutiny by the Justice Department for possible violation 
  of antitrust laws.  
  NSF intends not to renew NSI's contract when it expires next 
  year, but the company says it does not plan to give up its 
  responsibility for the domains it registers (.com, .edu., .net., 
  and .org).  The company is also in the process of going public 
  and is planning a stock offering worth as much as $35 million.  
  source: Washington Post
          July 6, 1997
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