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Trade & Investment in India - New Publication

  I hope you and your colleagues might be interested in this new 
  Since the beginning of this decade, India's continuing economic reforms 
  have led to a strong 
  revival  of growth, a rapid increase in employment and a boom in exports. 
  This, combined with an economically-enfranchised and growing mercantile 
  class is ensuring India's emergence as a real economic power. It is now, 
  in GDP terms, the sixth-largest world economy. Exports have grown  by 
  over 20% annually, whilst Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows are 
  growing by 100% annually. With a well-educated (and predominantly 
  English-speaking) workforce, a rapidly improving infrastructure, and 
  continuing reforms - India, located so centrally for both European and 
  Asian markets, is one of the more stable and attractive business 
  However, India is a complex market, and until now, there has not been the 
  type of comprehensive guide to the business and regulatory climate that 
  businesses and their advisors need. Written by  Dr Linda Spedding, a 
  solicitor in London, an advocate of the Supreme Court in India and an 
  Attorney at Law in New York, with considerable experience in trade and 
  development projects, with contributions from Sudhir Shah, the Senior 
  Partner of the Mumbai(Bombay) Law Firm Sudhir Shah and Associates, this 
  text provides the most comprehensive and specific analysis of the 
  prevailing conditions. 
  Systematically, it covers the background to the current reforms, trading 
  policy, the various service sectors, the regulatory frameworks, and the 
  various primary industry sectors.  It is illustrated with case notes, 
  drawing upon the varied and extensive experience of the authors. Also, 
  since the widely-publicised Bhopal disaster, the  publication pays 
  specific attention to the (now extremely stringent) environmental regimes 
  that have been implemented in India since the mid 1980Â’s.  Any firm 
  trading with, or investing in the country must be aware of the entirely 
  justified local sensitivities surrounding this area.
  TRADE & INVESTMENT IN INDIA covers the 'new' India of opportunity: 
  background and reform
  areas of priority, public and private sector interests
  the meaning of project finance
  the project objectives and choice of vehicle;
  the likely parties
  assessment of liabilities
  the environmental imperative
  credit agreements
  key sources of finance
  sample terms and conditions
  environmental regimes
  risk management
  specimen BOT, BOOT arrangements 
  future development opportunities such as power, infrastructure and 
  renewable energy resources.
  industrial sectors 
  Illustrated with practical examples this title is quite simply, the 
  ‘bible’ for those interested in this rapidly -growing country, and will 
  be an invaluable handbook  for: 
  Executives of firms investing in, and trading with India
  Government & International Relations staff
  Corporate financiers
  Project finance specialists
  Fund managers
  Development agency staff
  Chapter 1: India: An Emerging (Securities) Market
  Chapter 2: Introductory Remarks - To Project Finance in India Dynamic 
  India-Investment, Trade, Project Finance & Environment-Prospects
  Chapter 3: Trade Considerations  Present 
  Scenario-Background-Environmental Considerations-Sustainable 
  Development-European Union and India-Implications of Single European 
  Market for India
  Chapter 4: Trade policy - Past & Present  The Impact of EXIM on IndiaÂ’s 
  Former  Trade Policy-Trade and Industrial Policy-Improvements-Recent 
  Initiatives-Reduction in Excise Duties-Taxation 
  Reforms-Infrastructure-Social Equity and Poverty Alleviation-Export 
  Orientative Units (EOUs) and Export processing Zones (EPZs) -Incentives 
  to EOUs and EPZs
  Chapter 5:  Reforms : Economic & Legal Opening Remarks-Foreign Investment 
  Promotion Board-Investment Promotion & Project Monitoring 
  Cell-Facilitation Cell-IndiaÂ’s New Investment Policies-Foreign Direct 
  Investment-Reducing Investment Restrictions-Participation in the Airline 
  Industry-Opportunities in Food Processing and other consumer product 
  Industries -Convertibility of Indian Rupees-Opportunities for NRIs, OCBs, 
  and MNCs-Foreign Exchange Regulations-Laws Governing Companies
  Chapter 6: Capital Markets Introduction-Early Regulations-Governing 
  Laws-The Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act 1956-The Securities and 
  Exchange Board of India Act, 1992-Recent Developments in Securities 
  Regulations-Foreign Institutional Investors-The Scenario of Securities 
  Transaction in India
  Chapter 7: Banking
  Chapter 8: Tax Overview-Direct Taxation-Indirect Taxation-Excise 
  Duties-Customs Duties
  Chapter 9: Trade Marks, Patent Laws & Laws Governing Intellectual 
  property Rights General-The Indian Trade Marks and Merchandise 
  Act-Patents-Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement-New 
  Legislation-Use of Foreign Trademarks
  Chapter 10: Insurance General-Interim Insurance Regulatory Authority
  Chapter 11: Environmental Goods and Services 
  General-Incentives-Environmental Technology Market
  Chapter 12: Power Features of IndiaÂ’s Power Policy-Investment 
  Potential-Additional Incentives-Licences-Debt/Equity Ratio-Two-part 
  Tariff Scheme-Response to the Power Policy-Renewables
  Chapter 13: Energy Prospects and Opportunities-Exploration and 
  Production-Refining-Marketing-Renewable Energy Resources-Incentives
  Chapter 14: Mining General-Equity Participation-International Mineral 
  Chapter 15: National Roads & Highways General-Upgraded Needed Potential 
  Chapter 16: Ports & Shipping General-Expansion of Infrastructure -  
  GovernmentÂ’s Efforts-Support Measures-Move for new shipping policy-The 
  Shipping Sector-Changes in the Shipping Industry
  Chapter 17: Software & Electronics Software Industry-The Electronics 
  Industry-Electronics Hardware Technology Parks (EHTPs)-Rationalisation of 
  Import Duties in Electronics
  Chapter 18: Telecommunications General-Licensing Authority-Equity 
  Participation-Geographical Area of Operations-Regulatory Authority-Pilot 
  Chapter 19: Tourism & Hotels General-Partnering through Loans-Payment 
  Conditions-Conditions for Automatic Approval-Approval Process
  Chapter 20: Food Processing General-Incentives-Opportunities-Constraints
  Chapter 21: Automobiles, Bicycles & Tyres Automobiles-Bicycles-Tyres  
  Chapter 23  Doing Business in India: An Overview-Regulatory Bodies-Choice 
  of Vehicle-Setting Up an Indian Company-An Overview of Joint Ventures and 
  the Indian Experience-Case Study of a Joint Venture in India-The Role of 
  MNCÂ’s-Closing Views and Remarks
  Chapter 24 Trade and the Environment The Debate-Trade and Project 
  Finance-International Organisations-Multilateral Trade Agreements and 
  Environmental Considerations: An Example
  Chapter 25 Public and Private Sector Approach Funding and the 
  Environment-Development Financing-Use of Environmental Impact 
  Assessments-Environmental Lending Criteria of Major Development 
  Institutions-The World Bank-The International Finance Corporation-The 
  Asian Development Bank-The Export Import Bank-The EBRD-Major Indian 
  Banks-Relating Environmental Issues-Maintaining Environmentally Sound 
  Investments: A Note to Investors-Four Levels of Environmental Performance
  Chapter 26 Business Liability and Opportunity: Perspectives on the 
  Environment and Investment in India Introductory Remarks-Environmental 
  Risk and Investment-The New Climate in India-Environmental Awareness in 
  India-Corporate Activity and Environmental Liability
  Chapter 27 Environmental Law and Policy in India Introductory Remarks-The 
  National Environmental Tribunal Act-The Public Liability Insurance 
  Act-Environmental Clearances-Key Environmental Legislation-The Regulatory 
  Bodies-Environmental Enforcement-Introductory Remarks-State Entities 
  Subject to Closure-Citizens Suits-India and Industrial Pollution-The 
  Recent Supreme Court Approach
  Chapter 28 Business and the Environment Opening Comments-How Companies 
  respond to Regulation-Industry Response to Environmental Concerns in 
  India-Environmental Management-The Challenge to Industry-The Indian 
  Context-Management Systems
  ISBN: 1 874698 06 6. 95.00 Sterling/175.00 US
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