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The Smoking Slide Show

  Sun Keeps The Pressure On
                    By Deborah Gage
                    December 24, 1997 12:29 PM PST
  Microsoft Group Vice President of Platforms and Applications
  Paul Maritz gave a confidential slide show. Sun released this
  tidbit. Maritz outlines how to destroy HTML with MSHTML, adding
  "behaviors" to flummox the programmers, and other blatant acts of
  criminality, under current Federal statutes.
  One of the most overlooked areas of MS Conquest is the Frontpage's
  of the FTP file transfer protocols. Look at some HTML generated by
  Frontpage and you find non-proprietary extensions in everything from
  "security directories" to SQL functions that appear to be proprietary.
  > In the slides, Maritz said that Netscape/Java
  >                   was using the browser to create a "virtual
  >                   operating system" that was no longer a browser,
  >                   but an environment." He said if unchecked, Java
  >                   "will redefine client/server computing. Windows
  >                   will become devalued, eventually replaceable." 
  >                   One of Microsoft's weaknesses was that it had
  >                   "no control over Java," according to Maritz.
  >                   Maritz proposed a strategy to "catch Netscape
  >                   and neutralize Java" that included tying both
  >                   back to the Windows through the user interface,
  >                   API and hardware acceleration. 
  >                   "Java cannot be an advantage for Netscape,"
  >                   the slides said. "Get control of, then leverage the
  >                   programming model. Extend HTML to leverage
  >                   Microsoft tools, use COM/OLE [Component
  >                   Object Model/Object Linking and Embedding]
  >                   objects to add behaviors to client/server and
  >                   platform, neutralize Java, build identity around
  >                   'Active.'" 
  The best way to depose Mr. Maritz would be to ask him which
  standards and markets Microsoft has no desire to enter or
  compete in. The list is short.