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Re: InfoWorld Cooks Data so Microsoft will win

  On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:48:37 -0500 (EST), mj@creative.net wrote:
  >If you check out the following URL:
  >InfoWorld may point out that some of the OS's they tested, such as Mac, had
  >to be run on different hardware, and that others, such as Solaris, were
  >best tested elsewhere, even though they are available for Intel.  Neither
  >of these comments applies to Linux, which, like Windows, was developed and
  >is still most widely deployed on Intel. InfoWorld may also protest that it
  >was testing Java portability, not benchmarking OS's. This objection is
  >belied by the fact that the introduction to the article chiefly compares
  >the performance of the OS's. Personally, I think a public issue should be
  >made of this, as it can undermine InfoWorld's credibility as an objective
  >source of technical information, which they can ill afford.  More
  >importantly, if this article gets attention, it can serve to cause greater
  >questioning of trade press biases generally, and bring Linux forward in the
  >public mind as an alternative to Windows.
  Just as they say: "JAVA Performance varies from platform to platform".
  What absolute drivel.  I have seen far more serious science fair projects
  among 4th graders.