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Re: IBM's OS?

  On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:40:44 -0500 (EST), claribba wrote:
  >Does anyone know why IBM machines [Aptiva & Think Pad} are being sold "off
  >the shelf" with Win95 exclusively and not OS/2 Warp?
  >Is this because of some prior legal judgement?  
       The short answer is that IBM's marketing and management are in
  dire need of a clue.  There's absolutely no company in existence today
  with the ability to develop computer technology as well as IBM, the
  problem is that as good as IBM's R&D divisions are their marketing
  people couldn't sell central air in hell.  IBM doesn't have the stomach
  for the consumer market so they've decided that OS/2 should only be
  used in a 'Fortune 500' environment...a very poor decision IMO.
       But no matter how many times you've read it OS/2 is NOT dead. 
  After all these years OS/2 is still superior to anything M$ has
  released, and from what I've seen coming out of Redmond I expect it to
  be for a long time.  Hell, the mere fact that it's been around as long
  as it has in spite of IBM's pathetic marketing says something in and of
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