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ZDNET's Java Beancounters

  AFCs snarl developers
                  Delays, proprietary calls undermine Microsoft's
                  cross-platform promise
                  By Michael Moeller and Antone Gonsalves, PC Week Online 
                  11.17.97 10:00 am ET  	michael_moeller@zd.com
            	Microsoft's broken promises
  	API strategy falls short in several areas 
  PROMISE                                       	REALITY
  AFC: 100% Pure Java classes that will
  run everywhere
                                          	Final releases support
  only            									Microsoft Java VM
  Enterprise AFC: Java server classes'
  final version due now
                                               	No new release date
  COM+: Alpha due by end of 1997
                                               	Delayed; no new due date
                                               	alpha availability
   Source: Microsoft Corp