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Innovations (was "Herritage Foundation Piece")

  Tod Landis wrote --
  > The real pioneers in WYSIWYG editing were the engineers
  > at Aldus and various smaller companies who applied bitmap
  > font technology for desktop products..  They did the innovation,
  > eg. linecounting on the fly, that led to new features in MS Word.
  Not sure what you mean here, but you seem to be talking about counting
  lines of text -- taking into account all the factors that make line
  height vary -- for the purpose of on-the-fly pagination, as WordStar did
  in 1979 and, I'm sure, many dedicated word processing systems did long
  before that....
  In my experience, nothing handles this as badly as Word. *Nothing*.
  By the way, Word 7 seems little changed from Word 6 (or Excel 7 from
  Excel 6), and Word 6 is virtually identical to Word 5 (which may not have
  been released in the States, but certainly exists in a Chinese-language
  version). What are these people doing with their time?
  Dan Strychalski