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Confused Engineers

  Dear Fred Moody:
  Splitting the baby/2 is a good start. Pity those Microsoft engineers,
  delaying Windows 98 while they reposition their Vin Weber contracted
  public relations campaign. These engineers will have to come up with new
  solutions to the international Open Standards, seven network layers that
  are largely made proprietary, through workarounds and shortcuts in the
  MS programming code. These engineers will have to lobby Congress and the
  CEOs of the Fortune 500, to convince them that they have learned 64 bit
  enterprise networks from their teachers at DEC. DEC is proud to announce
  that they have more NT certified engineers than Microsoft. That's
  because they are training these engineers in mission critical support,
  something Microsoft has yet to master. 
    The judge is doing much more than keeping a single company alive. He
  gives millions of users and businesses choices that a single Microsoft
  solution will never provide: competitive upgrades for nonproprietary
  standards such as HTML and TCP/IP. What about the "other" engineers?
  Pity the competition. They don't have the market cap of 154 billion
  dollars to give in stock options and warrants, buying the competition,
  as it rises with innovation. Do you think Microsoft pays cash for its
  acquisitions, or a little venture capital, spiked with lots of stock
  options? No one wants the price of Microsoft stock to collapse, when you
  have a stake in the outcome.
  If the price of Microsoft were to collapse, would there be more
  innovation or less? Imagine thousands of engineers released to form
  smaller, more competitive enterprises, much like IBM did. Would there be
  confusion and chaos? Would you blame the DOJ or the market? Chaos and
  uncertainty led to the development of the decentralized Internet. A
  truly open Internet would tend to erode the markets of your employer:
  ABC/DISNEY. Microsoft and the broadcasters consider us narrowcasters to
  be their nemesis. So I wish to compliment them for having the foresight
  to prop up the Microsoft PR attack.